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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stephanie Mabey: Love Comes Back

Love comes back is a song from EFY (Especially for Youth), that performed by Stephanie Mabey. It is all about the simple things we are doing and bounces back as a blessing to us. Example is rendering a service as to show our love for those who needs us. The root is always the love that always comes back to us. 

Here's the half part lyrics of the song:
Sometimes we all feel like something's missing
And our days start to drag us down
There's an answer and if we'll listen
It's telling us peace is found
When we reach out 'cause

Love comes back when we take care of each other
Just like that, it can lift the weight that we're under
There's always enough, no way to give too much 'cause
Love comes back to us

We all need love and we want to be loved. It is our wishing candle that sometimes we may feel that we don't have and we need one. But, if we'll just listen and look around, there's always an answer as long as we give and not expecting for a return. Love will always comes back to us.

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