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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Caught in the Middle

What will you do if someone who is superior from you will ask something for you to do but you know that others will hate you? Will you still obey your superior and be hated by others? Or please others sacrificing yourself and disobey your superior? What will you do if you are being caught in the middle?

For all the things in this world, being a natural man, we are subject into confusion and in all oppositions. We may encounter things that we might think it is right but it is wrong for others or contrast to it. We may find ourselves again being caught in the middle and will tell ourselves to spot the difference and play the game of jeopardy. It will be difficult for us to decide and to do what's the best for everyone.

There are three possible things and options that we might do when we found ourselves being caught. First thing or option we might do is to do nothing. We think that it is better to put ourselves in the safest place. As a result, all the blames and consequences is on our shoulders.

Second, we disobey our superior just to have a good image of ourselves for others. We sacrificed ourselves for the wants of others. We might choose this option because we are afraid to lose them than our superior for they are our friends.

The third and the last option is to obey our superior. Our friends will hate us, but our superior knows what's the best for everybody. He has a lot of experiences in leadership and he knows the right thing to do, so the only key is to trust him. We were given instructions and we know if he is doing the right thing. Just like our Savior Jesus Christ did. He willingly obeyed his Father for he truly knows it is right even others will hate and persecute him. He still obeyed with a willing heart. Therefore we can learn from it, obedience is better than sacrifice.

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