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Monday, January 16, 2012

Good Results? Think First!

What we are doing today is what we are building for the future. Just like having a regular daily exercise that we expect and want to live longer and to have a physically fit body. We do want having a good result! But the question is, how can we achieve good results? If this principle is applied on what we are doing everyday, what kind of result will it be?

Shaping up ourselves today plays a vital role for our future. What we are expecting for our tomorrow depends on what we choose and act today. You have the freedom on what you will be doing but you cannot choose what will be the outcome.

Think first before you act, that's what they say. It's true, but sometimes we were too excited on the outcome not thinking of a better idea to do first and the result comes to a failure.We were sometimes deceived by our perspective and being carried away by our emotions.

Being patient, doing things diligently, being positive in all things, and being calm in all situations are some of  the main ingredients of having a good result. Rushing is mostly and maybe the reason of having a weak foundation. But you can avoid a weak foundation by preparing and shaping up yourself early. Planning and having goals are key points toward good results too. This is the reason why it is better to prevent than to cure and it is never been too late to a person who has plans and goals. Having an option in all things doesn't mean that it will confuse you on what to choose but it will help you to have hope and to carefully think of what's best among the best. Think first. Think positively and have hope for there are good results lies in store!


  1. This is the best initial blog so far I read as a novice or newbie blogger. Your thoughts just freely go down in print. You've the well-directed insight to achieve things. You're putting on the actual situation of your readers on how they could successfully achieve their goals in life. I subscribe to your idea. I know when you keep on writing and writing, your writing skill will be developed and many will be influenced for good. Keep it up. Keep on blogging. Godspeed!

  2. Like father like son .Writing is in your blood so keep it up and I hope to read more of your articles.

  3. Moderation in all things matter! I love this line - "What we are expecting for our tomorrow depends on what we choose and act today!" I'd love to hear more of your words of wisdom! :)

    1. Thanks Gemma... I truly appreciate your commnent!...:-)


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