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Thursday, January 19, 2012

This Thing is Mine

We all have valuable things that we don't want to lose. Such things like we don't want to let other people to borrow it from us. We are so stubborn keeping it only to ourselves just to make sure it is in good hands. And there are times that we keep it in a secure place not accessible to anyone. Thus, some people will judge us from being selfish or greedy for we don't want them to borrow or ask it from us. We might say, "This thing is mine and I own it". We know, that it is for the sake of safe keeping and valuing things we owned. We feel that what we are doing is the right thing to do and we have the right to decline because we own it.

 If we will carefully observe situations like these, it's hard to tell if what you are doing is right. For example, you bought an expensive cellphone and it takes several months of your savings just to buy it. Then, your neighbor wants to borrow it from you. If your neighbor will borrow it for just a minute, will you let him to use it? If he will borrow it for a day, will you let him? Or if he will borrow it for a week, will you still let him?

There are considerable situations just like this that you need to comprehend. It may be right to let them at first but if the situation seems too much or abusive, then let your intuition take its part but not too judgmental in reasoning to them.

Some people have discernment that they do feel if that person is truly needful of your help. If what you feel is right, then it is right. If you feel it is wrong, then it is wrong. Put your feet in their shoes when they want to borrow or ask something from you. Try asking yourself what's the best solution is before you decide (Good results? Think first!), for it is crucial when they're already offended of what you have decided. Be sensitive too of their feelings. Use kind words in explaining and give some options and solutions. Because you love them and they are your close friends, they do need it more than you do. You may let yourself be the offered lamb and sacrifice things you owned in behalf of your relationships from them. You dared because you care!

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