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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No Effort is Wasted

I remember a time at school that our programming instructor was asking who will lead the prayer. No one seems had a courage to volunteer among my classmates. Then our instructor picked someone who was not among our classmate but from another section. The student seems shy but he still obeyed. After he lead the prayer, all of us smiled and felt enjoyed to what he did. Even though he is not our classmate, still he brought a smile to us. That experience made me realize how important sharing is.

We can share small things to others even we don't have any. Try smiling on every people you'll meet, saying kind words to others, or even a simple greeting everyday to a friend or stranger can make them smile and bless their entire day.

Doing an effortless good works can make a person happy even in just words.

Blessings will just bounce back and every effort you'll make will not be wasted once you're making others happy in a simple way.


  1. I know that the student who offered the prayer from other class, though being laughed at after he said the prayer, was blessed unknown to himself. Yes he did it effortless, but it was the spirit of Christ that led him to do it. I also know that it is the "spirit" that teaches a man to prayer.

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    1. It's a nice comment. Thank you!

  2. It's been a while since I visited this blog... I remember this one time... and this guy that I was talking about in my post is now an instructor from a local high school... truly he was blessed!


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